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Plastic Recycling Machinery Solution

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my experience with HAORUI Machinery has been nothing short of excellent. Their Plastic Bottle Crusher Machine has been a valuable addition to our operations, and their customer-centric approach has made the entire process, from purchase to after-sales service, seamless and highly satisfactory.
- Model: 600 Type Plastic Crusher
- Usage: Specifically engineered to crush plastic materials into flakes
- Operation Method: Utilizes a combination of rotating and fixed blades with water assistance for effective crushing
- Motor Power: Equipped with an 18.5kW motor for the rotating blades and a 0.75kW motor for the cover, ensuring robust performance
- Blade Configuration: Features 3 rotating blades and 2 fixed blades for thorough processing
- Rotation Speed: The blades rotate at a speed of 630RPM for optimal crushing
- Materials: Built with a thickened steel plate shell and a large size flywheel for enhanced stability and durability
- Bearing: HRB bearing for smooth operation
- Rotor Material: Made from carbon steel for strength and longevity
Product Description:
The HAORUI PET Bottle Washing Line is an advanced recycling solution designed for efficiency and sustainability. With a robust capacity ranging from 500kg/h to 7000kg/h, this line is engineered to produce both food grade and fiber grade PET flakes, catering to a wide array of recycling needs.
The PP PE Cleaning Line is an innovative solution designed for the efficient recycling of PP/PE plastic waste, including materials like LDPE and HDPE films, bottles, and buckets. This comprehensive line is engineered to crush, wash, and dry plastics, resulting in clean and dry flakes ready for further processing into granules or pellets, thereby enhancing their market value.

HAORUI Machinery was established in 1992, a professional manufacturer & exporter of PET bottle recycling machine, PP PE plastic bag / film /bottle recycling machine, pelletizing machine etc.

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