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Fibre Grade PET Bottle Washing Line

Haorui Machinery's Fibre Grade PET Bottle Washing Line is specifically engineered for the recycling of PET bottles into high-quality fibres. This specialized washing line ensures that all impurities are effectively removed, resulting in clean and pure fibre-grade material. Our system incorporates advanced technologies such as hot washing and friction cleaning to achieve superior decontamination levels. With a robust design and efficient operation, this washing line is perfect for industries looking to produce fibre-grade recycled PET materials. Rely on Haorui Machinery's extensive experience and innovative solutions to meet your fibre-grade recycling needs with precision and reliability.

HAORUI Machinery was established in 1992, a professional manufacturer & exporter of PET bottle recycling machine, PP PE plastic bag / film /bottle recycling machine, pelletizing machine etc.

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