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PET Sheet PET Bottle Washing Line

The PET Sheet & Bottle Washing Line from Haorui Machinery offers a versatile solution for recycling both PET sheets and bottles. This dual-purpose washing line is designed to handle various forms of plastic waste, ensuring thorough cleaning and preparation for further processing. Our system features multiple stages including pre-washing, crushing, hot washing, rinsing, and drying to deliver exceptionally clean output. Whether you are dealing with post-consumer or post-industrial waste, our equipment guarantees high efficiency and consistent performance. Choose Haorui Machinery's cutting-edge technology to streamline your recycling operations with our reliable PET sheet & bottle washing line.

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HAORUI Machinery was established in 1992, a professional manufacturer & exporter of PET bottle recycling machine, PP PE plastic bag / film /bottle recycling machine, pelletizing machine etc.

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